White Monkey Surf Shop is a family run business, established in early 2007, in what was originally one of the first buildings on Labun sait.

It was built by Rocket Rod in 2001 and went unused for many years. The back was utilized as a secret shaping room for visiting shapers for many years. Guys like Alan Byrne, Jeff Bushman, Jon Pyzel, Darren Handley, Timmy Patterson, and Matt Biolos are just a few of the shapers that have scrubbed foam in the back.

Everyone thought we were crazy to open a surf shop in such a remote area, but as years went by people kept coming and staying in the bukit. Now, there are countless new “surf shops” that have opened up around us. White Monkey stands out by having the largest selection of fins, leashes, tail pads, boardbags, and new and used surfboards from the best shapers in the world.

As the years went on and the bukit became increasingly crowded, we knocked down walls and kept adding space to our small humble shop. For over a decade now, White Monkey has consistently kept surfers equipped with what they need for a good surf trip; surfboards, the hardware that comes with it, and most importantly….local knowledge. You can always come by and get advice on places to eat, sleep, surf…and party!!

To this day we remain committed to our craft, as there is no surfing without surfboards.

We have now branched out to the outer islands, and have opened our second shop at Lakey peak in Sumbawa.

Attached to the surf shop is Thruster Club, a bar and grill serving up various espresso drinks, fresh juices, smoothies, and açaí bowls. We also have a full food menu serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner options!

For surf shop product stock and general inquiries, please fill out the contact form below.