Board With No Name

The Board with No Name carries that fuller outline but only to an extent. We have lots of curve in this outline without going to much and going full fish outline. We have kept the outline on this one just pulled in enough to keep this one very high performance and drivey yet still nice and full of volume to let you be lazy and paddle with ease and not have to overwork yourself. The Board with No Name has a lower rocker, and you just feel the glide over those flat sections. The speed you get on this board goes hand in hand with the single to double concave on the bottom, but the board would not work as good as it does without that vee that runs off the end of that tail. This board tends to be just a bit wider and fuller than your day-to-day shorty especially in the tail block and also right under your chest for paddling.  Comes standard with a medium full rail. You would ride this board right around 2 inches shorter than your day-to-day board or right around there depending on how wide you go. Ride the same thickness as your shortboard or just a tad more if you go much shorter. This board likes to be ridden in anything knee high up to just overhead depending on the wave you’re surfing. This model is ridden as a standard tri fin set up and only available in swallow tail.


5'3 18.88 2.16 23.46L, 5'4 19 2.19 24.35L, 5'5 19.13 2.22 25.21L, 5'6 19.25 2.25 26.15L, 5'7 19.38 2.28 27.05L, 5'8 19.50 2.32 28.12L, 5'9 19.63 2.38 29.46L, 5'10 19.75 2.41 30.50L, 5'11 19.88 2.44 31.50L, 6'0 20 2.50 32.93L, 6'1 20.25 2.57 34.76L, 6'2 20.50 2.63 36.50L, 6'4 21 2.75 40.18L