…Lost Uber Grom

The #UBER_Grom retains all the easy riding, easy paddling performance that made the UberDiver and UberXL so popular for grown ups and scales it is a down for kids. Why let the adults have all the easy riding fun?!

With developing young surfers in mind (not coached up, high level contest rippers) I went work with my son, River, a moderately skilled 10 y/o, to make every day waves and crowded conditions a bit more fun and inviting and allow natural progression to evolve. The wider plan shape, low entry rocker and fuller volume, make for a more forgiving board to build skills on. To maintain performance and control, we added an aggressive kick in the tail and a pronounced bump/wing in the outline. These elements combine to create a more open “Sweet spot” where kids can stand and still crank proper turns.

The #UBER_Grom is Uber fun for kids transitioning from soft tops or oversized every level boards, but still struggling to consistently control and perform on a full HP Shortboard. It’s also become a very functional “grovel” board for some of our elite level kids. In areas plagued with consistently minuscule waves, the UberGrom is better choice for even higher level rippers. Meant to be ridden at the kids same hight, for modest skill level, gradually becoming shorter as the groms skills and hight grows. River started on a 4’9”, when he stood 4’9” and now at almost 4’11” tall ( with increased skills) still loves the same 4’9”.


4’6 17.00 2.05 17.00, 4’7 17.13 2.08 17.75, 4’8 17.25 2.13 18.50, 4’9 17.38 2.15 19.25, 4’10 17.50 2.18 20.00, 4’11 17.63 2.20 20.75, 5’0 17.75 2.22 21.50, 5’1 17.88 2.25 22.25, 5’2 18.00 2.28 23.00