Local Knowledge

We are willing to offer you our local knowledge and guide you to the best surf spots on the island. We’ll send you to the right spots for your level of surfing while ensuring you get your fair share of the waves on offer. This will help you maximize your tube time.

Ask any true surfer, and they’ll tell you how valuable it is to paddle out with a local by your side. Our surf guide program is specifically designed to give you the knowledge you need to surf some of the best waves Indonesia has to offer. This will allow you to surf at your highest potential from day one. You’ll also leave with knowledge and experience that you’ll be able to call on during any future trips.

Outer Islands

If you’re planning to explore the infamous breaks of the outer islands like Lombok and Sumbawa, White Monkey’s got you covered there too. We offer complete overland trips to legendary waves like Desert Point, Lakey Peak and more.

Hop in one of our APV vans, aka a “Super Villa on wheels”, and overland all the way to our Villa Gorilla at Lakey Peak. You can even fly back if preferred.

Just inquire, and we can set you up with one of the best days of surfing you’ll ever have.

For surf guide pricing, availability, and location questions, please fill out the contact form below.